10 Things That Work (and 20 that Don’t) In IM

Here’s the problem with affiliate marketing, or any Internet marketing for that matter.
Internet Marketer A comes along and tells prospective Internet Marketer B, “This stuff is so easy your grandmother could do it!” Internet Marketer B gets excited, jumps in, buys a bunch of stuff from Internet Marketer A and then waits.He waits and waits then waits some more, and eventually says “screw this” and moves on, thinking he’s been swindled.Internet Marketer A may even have created a killer product (thought it’s unlikely) and just neglected to tell his customer that this is a real business. It takes time and money and energy to be successful.You don’t get rich overnight.So, if you can’t get rich overnight and you can’t flip a profit from any product you promote, what exactly are you doing?What works to make money online? Forget the three methods above or the dozens of tricks you see on the Warrior Forum or Clickbank. Here are the things that DIRECTLY lead to profitable Internet marketing, especially as an affiliate.

In-Depth Research

You must be ready to read, read, and read some more. Find products that fit your niche, find content that people want to read, interact with other bloggers and site owners in your field and be on forums a LOT building relationships.
Carefully Selected Niches.The right niche is not always the most profitable (though if it can be, it should be). It is the one you enjoy AND know can make money.

Content, Content, Content

You are not a marketer. You are a publisher and when you publish content that makes people interested in what you have to offer, you create relationships that will only grow over time and turn into a larger, more powerful tool you can use to make money online.

Relationships with Your Readers

Your content, sites and marketing tactics will be built solely around the concept of building relationships and trust with people so you can more easily promote products to them. Give to get if you aren’t giving more than you are getting you’re doing something wrong.

The Right Products

You can’t promote just anything. You need to perform due diligence at every step of the process to select products that represent your brand and that you KNOW your readers will enjoy.

Time is your friend

It will be needed to create a good business model and it should be invested religiously. Don’t expect any results without at least some time invested.

Friends in the Industry

Networking is the backbone of any industry, especially marketing where who you know can ultimately affect where your content is published. Do everything else on this list and you’ll be successful. Do this and you’ll be mega-successful.

Focus and Stamina

You need focus and stamina ,the ability to persevere through ANYTHING, failure or success, and get the most out of your investments of time and energy.


Traffic is how you get people in front of your content. If you’re not driving traffic you’re not making money. Those ten things are ALL there is to making money online. You don’t make money by learning how to trick Google or swindle housewives and teenagers. You earn money by taking time to understand your own strengths, creating a strong business plan and working at it over a period of weeks and months, not days.Sounds an awful lot like a real business, doesn’t it? That’s because it is one.There are dozens of things that DON’T work when building an online business,don’t worry, I won’t make you read a list of 20 but if you do even half the things on the list above you’ll be successful.

Big Investment is for Chumps

I have more than once considered opening a business offline. I’ve considered investing in other ventures, putting my money and energy into something new.But I didn’t because I knew one thing that modern business investors and marketers are just starting to figure out big investments are for chumps. Spending six or seven figures on a single business venture is a sure way to go broke even if it’s a sure thing heck, especially if it’s a sure thing.The best way to create a new business that you know will be successful is to approach it with a laser focus and yet be agile. Be ready to adapt to the changing market place and give people what they need and want, not what you think they need and want.Online marketing makes this possible and affiliate marketing makes it easy. You can start a website for less than $25 and run it yourself for free for weeks or even months. I’ve seen people literally make six or seven figures in one year without investing more than a couple hundred dollars of their own money. Is it easy? No.But it’s possible and no other business model can we say that about.So, online business is accessible to anyone with time and ambition. Money is not an issue, though it can certainly help speed things up.

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