A Complete Guide to Internet Marketing using Twitter

In this digital era, companies rely on social networking sites for marketing as these sites serve as the best platform to reach their targeted audience at affordable rates. While trying out various marketing strategies, there are high chances for you to have stumbled across Twitter – a micro blogging as well as a social networking site. Just like other social networking websites, Twitter was a way for people to connect with their friends. But now, Twitter isn’t just for individuals.

Twitter – A Great Marketing Tool

Today, around thousands of brands, businesses and websites are making the most out of Twitter. With Twitter, you can engage your audience, generate new leads and increase brand awareness.If you are new, then here are a few points to consider while promoting your business using Twitter: 

A Custom Background:

Creating a custom background for your feeds can make you stand out by showcasing you and your business. There are hundreds of online tools available to help your create a custom background.

Find Your Groups:

The next step is to linkup with other users using TwittGroups – an effective tool to find people who may be interested in your company. TwittGroups also allows you to join groups from other social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. With this you get to know who your target audience is and what their needs are.

  • Start Conversations And Get Feedback:

Now that you have gathered your group, it’s time to get them engaged. Share industry news, photos, links and videos. Share what’s absolutely necessary, as you only have 140 characters including links. You can try getting public opinions about your latest products or services. This will also help you in understanding your customers better.

  • Follow And Be Followed:

This is one amongst the best ways in building relationships with your prospective clients. Twitter allows you to follow your clients or anyone you find interesting. And often, the people you follow decide to follow you. This way you get to know their latest tweets and posts.

  • Monitor your company on Twitter:

Do you know what people are talking about your company on Twitter? Well, creating a company profile on Twitter isn’t enough. You need to monitor what your audiences talk about and which posts of yours drove traffic to your website.

  • Live Updates:

It’s advisable to have your followers updated. With your Twitter account, you can share cool happenings or corporate events like product launch, announce special and exclusive offers and deals, to a large audience. Just by posting a note or link to a press release, you can have your consumers know what exactly is going on in your firm.

  • Promote:

Around 75% of your social media marketing activities accounts to promoting your business. But, do remember that all your posts and updates on Twitter or elsewhere on the Internet should be in a real and authentic voice that’s true to your brand or business. Remember, it’s not just any voice that’s selling your product, but a friendly and informative voice. With this, your potential customers look at you as a genuine person, which works in your favor to promote your business.

Apart from an effective internet marketing strategy, there are many other benefits from using Twitter for your business:

  • Boosts your Website Traffic
  • Offers live exposure
  • Reinforces your Personal Brand and creates awareness
  • Provides Expertise
  • Personal Touch

Twitter Marketing is an effective social media strategy for your business, but make sure you understand Twitter etiquette better, before you start. A wholehearted approach to Twitter marketing is never going to let you down and your efforts will pay off in terms of expanded customer base and increased exposure.

Author Bio : Ryan Larkin on behalf of Broadbandproviders, a website that provides choices of the best value broadband internet .He writes about Technology, Internet Tips and Social Media.

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