BuysellAds Review – How To Get Your Account Approved

Blogging can be done either as any hobby or for passion or for making money online. You can make money with your blog with various ways. Today i am going to explain how you can make money by selling adspace on your blog. BuysellAds is one of the leading network which helps you to buy or sell adspace of your blog or website.Its better if you have Google Adsense approved for your blog or website, but its best if you use BuysellAds to make money from your blog.

If your blog gets enough traffic and you are making decent money with ad network like Google Adsense, then its perfect for you and there is no need for any modification in your monetization method for your blog.But if you want to earn even more and steady income you should go for BuysellAds.

How To Get Approved For BuysellAds

1. First thing that you should keep in mind before applying for Google Adsense id that your blog should get decent traffic. Nearly about 1000 visitors/day is sufficient.Generating so much traffic is difficult but not impossible.This is the first condition to get approved in BuysellAds. The more traffic your blog gets, the more advertisers will take interest in your blog and you will be able to make  more money with BuysellAds. Write, promote and share your content to get more traffic.

2. Another main condition that matter in approval of BuysellAds is your blog design. Try to improve your blog design and make it look attracting. In this way more advertisers from BuysellAds will attract toward your blog and you will be able to sell more space from your blog with BuysellAds. Try to use any high quality premium theme for your blog.Today, BuysellAds has more than 30k advertisers.

3. This fact is amazing. As most people say that to raise your alexa rank higher in short time, try to write an article about alexa in your blog. Similarly here also to get approved by BuysellAds, simply write short review about BuysellAds. You will lost nothing but you will surely get a chance to get approved by BuysellAds fast.

4. Another great fact which can help you to approve your blog fast on BuysellAds is to study other blogs that are already approved by BuysellAds. Why they are approved ? Whats so special in those blogs ? What it their design of blog ? How much traffic they get ? What is their alexa rank ? All these questions will help you to know everything about approval process.

5.Try to improve your social presence if you want your blog to get approve in BuysellAds. Make a facebook page and start promoting your blog on facebook. The more you promote the higher are your chances to get approved. This will also help you to drive traffic using facebook.

6. Remember before applying for BuysellAds account as publisher, your blog must have professional domain name with better extension like .com

7. Write high quality unique content.Do not copy or steal content from other blogs.The more better you write, the more higher your blog will be ranked. This will bring traffic and you will be able to increase alexa rank for your blog fast. Once your blog’s alexa rank drop below 100k, apply for publisher account at BuysellAds.

These are some simple tips which will help your blog to get approved in BuysellAds. If you know any other tip, share with us.

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