Creative Sources Of Traffic For Your Blog

Banging your head on the desk? Tired of reading about the same old boring stuff?

If the answer is yes but you haven’t tried any of it yet, I don’t want to hear about it. I get it – blog posts are boring. But here’s the thing – they don’t have to be.

If your blog posts are boring, you’re doing it wrong. Have fun. Write what you would want to read and enjoy the time you spend each day or each week writing those posts.

I guarantee that if you have fun doing it, people will follow suit and have fun reading them.Okay, now on to the good stuff.These are some of my favorite, creative methods of driving traffic, along with some of the cool things I’ve done over the years to get eyeballs on my site. Some of it is really cool, some of it a little dull (but highly effective).

Either way, it worked and that makes it a good outline to get you started.


Cobranding is all about finding someone considered a thought leader in the niche and getting them to slap their logo on your content.Yes, you’re doing all the hard work, but it’s so different than affiliate marketing.

You create killer content, someone else puts the logo on it, and they end up driving the traffic because everyone knows who they are. Soon enough, everyone knows who you are and it’s all worth the time and effort put in.

Interviews with Thought Leaders

We already talked about this a little bit, but it’s a super powerful traffic driving tool. An interview can take you less than an hour to put together, including the time spent setting it up and recording it. But, it can have an immense, long-term impact on your traffic.The person you interview is likely to link to it on their website, you can post on forums, you can use it as a bonus in products you sell or giveaway – it’s just plain awesome.

Shared Blogging

Find people with the same target audience as yours. Now, create a blog with them. Share the blog, with each person posting at a set interval.Get enough people together and this is very easy to maintain. Say you need to post once per week, and you have seven or eight people contributing to the blog. Soon enough, you have a massive authority site targeting the exact same audience as your main site.

Build Your Own Community

Equally effective but significantly more time consuming is building your own forum or community. Honestly, this gives me the shivers.It’s so much work, and so time-consuming, and there are so many other forums already out there. But, if you’re up for it, there are huge benefits to be gained.

Go to Offline Events

Most marketers focus entirely too much on the online stuff. But, you can get just as much, if not more traction off-line as you can online. Go to local events in your niche. Go to online marketing events and meet the vendors. Get out there and meet people, whether at a local business meeting or a major international summit.

Record the World

Grab your iPhone or a flip video camera and record stuff around you. Even if it doesn’t relate to your niche, these men on the street type interviews or videos are extremely popular.

Give People the Best

Provide people with the best solutions for their problems. Don’t just review products, find the best products. Don’t just list the books you like, list the best books. There are a lot of ways to do this, but if you word it so that they’re getting the very best possible, they’ll keep coming back.

Break News

Breaking news is not easy to do. So, you’re going to steal it. When news breaks, you can be one of the first people to write about it if you drop everything you’re doing and put a post together. So, set up Google news alerts for common terms in your niche.Whenever one comes in, start writing immediately. A blog post, an eBook, a webinar – however much time you have to put into it, if you act quickly enough, you can capitalize on the huge surge of interest in that topic.

You might even get contacted by a local news source.

Experiment with New Social Services

I’m not one of those guys who runs around trying out every new social media site that pops up.Frankly, if I could get away with it I would only use Facebook. However, every now and then a new one pops up with huge potential.For example, if you were in a dieting, fitness, jewelry, or any other niche related to work at home Pinterest would have been a huge launch for you. Look for these kinds of opportunities and take advantage of them as quickly as possible.

Become a Vendor and Offer 100% Payouts

You can build your list super fast by building a product, attaching a price to it and selling it, but offering 100% payouts to affiliates. Affiliates will jump at the chance to make all the money for driving traffic to your product site, and you’ll get qualified buyer leads added to your email list.


Podcasting is really big right now. Because of mobile phones and tablets that allow people to stream podcasts from anywhere, you can reach out and interact with people almost instantly. Take advantage of this opportunity.

This is a short list. I have more – you probably have more. There are thousands of killer ways to drive traffic to your site.I’m keeping it white hat for now, so all of this will work like gangbusters for your site. But keep an eye out for other sites that are blowing it up in the traffic department – copy their lead, build on what they’re doing, generate traffic the same ways they do and you’ll be set.I like to keep a swipe file.

In it are all the headlines, bullet points, videos, VSLs, and traffic methods I’ve seen and loved over the years.I don’t use them all, but I keep them there in case I’m ever in the mood to do some testing or need something unique and different to build my audience.

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