Increase Your Adsense CTR With Simple Tricks

Google Adsense, one of the mostly used PPC Ad network is most popular among all bloggers and webmasters.We can easily get an adsense account approved if we have a blog with fully unique content and some traffic.But, the main problem is how you can increase your adsense ctr. CTR is click through rate.The more better is your adsense CTR, the more money you will earn with Google Adsense.

In this post i will explain you with some simple steps how you can increase your adsense ctr and make more money with adsense.

1. Make your adsense ads look like link not an ad. Make sure to match the colour and background of your adsense ad with the colour and background of your blog.You should prefer text links between the post to increase your adsense ctr. With this way, you will get more clicks and hence increase your adsense ctr and make more money.

2. As i stated above, you should prefer text ads instead of banner ads to increase your adsense ctr. People prefer to click on text ads because they contain some description related to your content.But image ads just contain an image illustrating the ad. Although text ads will get you more money than image ad. This is another simple step to increase your adsense ctr.

3. Your adsense ads should blend with the background of your blog or website. The more you blend your ads, the more money you will make and the more are your chances to increase your adsense ctr.Its simply another trick to attract more visitors and boost your income.

4. Ad Placement is another factor which comes when you want to increase your adsense ctr. You should choose the ad placement very carefully.Try to place your large ads just below the title of your post. Most of the visitors will click mostly there and you will get a boost in your income.Its another simple trick to increase your adsense ctr.

5. Get Organic Traffic. This is the most important step if you want to protect your adsense account from being banned. If your blog gets 1000 visits daily from social media or other sources and very very less traffic from search engines, there is the chance for your adsense to  get banned. So try to use Adwords, Bing, or other PPC compaign to get some traffic from search engine.Another simple step to increase your adsense ctr.

6. Be Original !! Be Unique. This is all what is needed for your adsense account to increase your adsense ctr. If you want to increase your adsense ctr, you should write unique content and fully original content written by you. Never steal content from anywhere and forget to make any money with adsense. The more unique and original content you have, the more you will get an increase your adsense ctr.

This steps will surely help you increase your adsense ctr.

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    Thank you for sharing this nice post !
    Text ad will definitely increase the Click Through Rate than the banner ads.

    Thanks again

  2. egytoo says:

    waaaaaaw thanx for this amaaaaizng tips

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